As part of my personal reflection process, I wanted to share 10 of my favorite posts from last year that will help you start 2016 on the right foot.

Happy New Year!

Take a Walk

The act of walking sounds simple enough, but the benefits are incredible. Learn why you need to create a habit of walking immediately.

Use a Calendar

Learn how Jerry Seinfeld and others have used momentum and a simple calendar to achieve their goals.

Remember Death

Exploring the history of memento mori and how you can use it today.

Stop Making Excuses

Excuses are what we use when we know we should be doing something important. Find out which ones we use most and why we should ignore them.

Keep a Notebook

Why should you be commonplacing? Hint: you’ll create the best book you’ve ever owned.

Make Better Decisions

How to stop eating junk food, follow through on your goals, and become successful can all boil down to how you manage your decisions.

Find Your Passion

Why curiosity is the best approach to finding your calling and how we need to change how we think about passion.

Use Beginner’s Mind

With expertise comes a certain way of looking at the world. Learn how shoshin or beginner’s mind can help you break through this perspective and experience the new again.

Take a Think Week

How going on vacation with your books may be the best vacation ever.

Start With the Most Important Task

Task lists can be useful until they’re not. Learn how you should use your task list to be truly productive.

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